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CARAT Designed Lena Bergstrom
With Inspiration From Jewels and Gemstones Lena Bergstrom Has Renewed the Cut Crystal With the Glass Series Carat. The Sharp and Unique Asymmetrical Grinding Reflects Our Times with a Scent of Nordic Romance
  Bowl, 8" x 3" $225.00

  Vase, 9" High x 4" $225.00

  Votive, 3" x 2"H $35.00
  Votive, 5" x 2.5"H $50.00
  Candlestick Pair, Small 7"H x 4" $150.00
  Candlestick Pair, Medium 9.5"H x 4" $210.00
  Candlestick Pair, Large 11.5"H x 4" $250.00
  Candlestick Pair, Medium Brass 9.5"H x 4" $210.00
  Carat City Stoppers, Tokyo (Left) 4"H x 1.3" $55.00
  Carat City Stoppers, Stockholm (Right) 4"H x 1.5" $55.00