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Below is a listing of some of our most frequently requested foods items. If you don't find a special food that you're looking for, check our Perishable Food List. We take extra care to pack and ship our food items to ensure that they arrive in the freshest condition to be consumed with pleasure!

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Perishable Foods - Phone Orders (1-800-722-6342)

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Danish Candy Favorites
  Anthon Berg Marzipan Bar, covered in Chocolate 2.6 oz. $7.25
  Licorice Coins, (5.2 oz. Bag) $5.50
  Double Salt Licorice Coins, (5.2 oz. Bag) $5.50
  Allsorts English Licorice, 5.2 oz. Bag $5.50
  Allsorts English Licorice, 14 oz. Bag $7.50
  Katjes, Salty Herring Licorice Fish, German 5.2 oz. $5.50

Danish Scandinavian Delight Preserves (Made in Denmark)

For over 170 years Scandinavian Delights spread, has been made in exactly the same way. Starting with choice, ripe fruit and fresh berries, picked wild by hand whenever possible, these spreads are prepared slowly and gently, without boiling. This allows the fruit and berries to retain more of their natural flavor and color and sweetness. As a bonus, you will find large morsels of fruit and whole berries in every jar!
  Apricot $9.50
  Black Currant $9.50
  Blackberry $9.50
  Boysenberry $9.50
  Orange $9.50
  Raspberry $9.50
  Raspberry/Rhubarb $9.50
  Strawberry/Rhubarb $9.50
  Wild Blueberry $9.50
  Lingonberry $12.95
Exciting uses and cooking ideas:

  • Meat Glaze: 2 parts Lingonberry, 1 part champagne mustard.
  • Poultry Glaze: Apricot spread with a pinch of ground ginger.
  • Mini Tart Filling.
  • Cheese Cake and Ice Cream Topping
  • Gourmet Donut Filling

  Danish Bakery
Phone Order Only (1-800-722-6342) Danish Pumpernickel Bread (O&H Bakery), $8.50

  Danish Raspberry Dessert Pudding Mix $3.98
  Danish Strawberry Dessert Pudding Mix $3.98
  Marzipan Rolls, Odense Brand $10.00
  Almond Paste, Odense Brand $12.00
  Aebleskiver Mix (you will need the Aebleskiver Pan to make the round ball, donut like cakes) $9.50


Aebleskiver Pan - Cast Iron (see Cooking Tools for picture and to order)
Danish Fish & Seafood
  Mackerel Filets, in Tomato Sauce, 4.25 oz., made in Norway - Danish favorite $5.95

Danish Vegetables
  Asier Sliced Cucumbers, jar, 720 gr. $7.50
  Red Beets, Rodbeder,Sliced, jar, 720 gr. $5.95
  Red Cabbage, Rodkal, jar, 720 gr. $5.95
  Lars Crispy Onions, All Natural, 4 oz. $4.50