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Below is a listing of some of our most frequently requested foods items. If you don't find a special food that you're looking for, check our additional food list. We take extra care to pack and ship our food items to ensure that they arrive in the freshest condition to be consumed with pleasure!

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Perishable Foods - Phone Orders (1-800-722-6342) — See Additional Food List

Favorite Finnish Foods

Phone Order for Coffee Breads (1-800-SCANDIA) We want your breads to arrive as fresh as possible.

Pulla, Cardamom Braided Coffee Bread $11.95
Cardamom Coffee Bread, Raisins Inside, Nuts on Top, 16 oz. loaves $12.95 When Available

  Fazer, The Original Tyrkisk Peber, 400 grams bag $12.50
  Halva Licorice, Original Finnish Sweet Licorice, Black, 200 grams $4.50
  Marianne Candy (White Peppermint Hard Candy filled w/Chocolate), 220 grams $6.95
  Fazermint, Chocolate Covered Mints $9.00
  Fazer Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate with Peppermint Crisps, 200 grams $7.50
  Fazer Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts, 200 grams $7.50
  Fazer Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate, 200 grams $7.50

    (Foods from Finland)