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Below is a listing of some of our most frequently requested foods items. If you don't find a special food that you're looking for, check our additional food list. We take extra care to pack and ship our food items to ensure that they arrive in the freshest condition to be consumed with pleasure!

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Perishable Foods - Phone Orders (1-800-722-6342) — See Additional Food List

Norwegian Candy & Cookies

  Freia Milk Chocolate Bar, MELKESJOKOLADE,
60grams, 2.12 oz. $3.95
  Freia Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts,FIRKLØVER, 60 grams, 2.12 oz. $3.95
  Twist Assorted Miniatures, Wrappd in Bag, 550 grams $28.50 Sold Out
  Freia Selskaps, dark chocolate bar, 100 grams $6.95
  Mandelstang Bar, Almond Bar $3.50
  Troika Bar, Chocolate covered bar (marzipan, truffle & jelly layers) $3.95
  Daim Bar (similar to Heath Bar) Two Bars in Pkg.$3.00
  Daim Mini Bars in a Bag, 7.5 oz. bag $8.75
  Kvikk Lunsj Bars (similar to Kit Kat) $3.75
  Lohengrin Cream Bars, chocolate covered rum cream $3.95
  Smil Chocolate Toffees, chocolate rolls filled with caramel $4.25
  Non Stop (similar to M&M Candies) $8.50
  Mokkabonner, coffee chocolate pieces $11.00
  Nidar Laban, seigmenn (soft jelly men rolled in sugar), 5.29 oz $8.75
  Gullbrød (Marzipan Loaf covered in chocolate) $6.50

Norwegian Bakery
Phone Order Only for Jule Kake (1-800-722-6342)
Jule Kake, A Wonderful Norsk Christmas Bread (filled w/Fruit), 16 oz. $12.95


  Viking Cracker Bread $11.50 (moisten the bread with water
                   and it becomes pliable to roll)
  Ideal Flatbread original (Extra Thin) 14 oz. pkg. $5.50

Norwegian Porridge, Soups, Cabbage, and Baking Ingredients

  Risengrøt, Instant Rice Porridge $7.95
  Risengrøt, Longer Cook Rice Porridge $7.95
  Rommegrøt, Sour Cream Porridge $7.95
  Fish Sauce, Toro Brand Fish Sauce $5.75 Sold Out
  Fish Soup, Toro Brand Lofoten $7.95 Sold Out
  Fish Soup, Toro Brand Bergen $7.95 Sold Out
  Yellow Whole Peas, 18 oz. bag $5.50 
  Surkal White Cabbage $5.95
  Red Cabbage $5.95
  Vanilje Sukker (vanilla sugar) by Freia $8.95
  Pure Almond Paste by Odense, 7 oz. $9.75
  Marzipan by Odense, 7 oz. $7.95
  Waffle Mix by Toro $8.50
  Pancake Mix by Toro $7.50

Norwegian Fish & Meat

  Mackerel Fillets, in Tomato Sauce $5.95
  Sardines, in Oil (2 layer) $4.95
  Fish Balls, Husmor Brand (large can) 26.5 oz. $9.50
  Sardines, in Tomato Sauce (cans) $4.50
  Sardines, in Olive Oil, Two Layer (cans) $4.50
  Sardines,in Olive Oil, Skinless & Boneless,(cans) $5.50
  Sardines, in Soybean Oil, 8-12 Fish (cans) $4.50
  Sardines, in Dijon Mustard (cans) $4.50
  Sardines, in Pure Spring Water, No Salt Added, 8-12 Fish (cans) $4.50